Emily and Jonathan's Trip of a Lifetime

Trip of a Lifetime

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Emily and Jonathan's Trip of A Lifetime

Who Are We?

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." ­ Henry Miller

Brief Biographies

Dr. Jonathan
The Couple

Dr. Jonathan Leshanski

Jonathan - 38, is a native New Yorker who has lived in several states in the US as well as in Europe and the Caribbean. He has traveled extensively and visited 48 countries before the initiation of this trip. The only continents he has not set foot on so far is Australia and Antarctica and he hopes to cross both of those off the list before this trip is done.

Career wise he’s a veterinarian and a writer and has been featured in the former capacity on television, radio and a number of popular magazines including Time, Newsweek and New York Magazine. He’s been a contributor to a number of veterinary journals as well as writing many articles for pet based magazines aimed at a less professional audience. He also served in that capacity down at ground zero on 9-11 as a first responder, helping set up the triage center at Chelsea Piers as well as working with the veterinary unit until the rescue effort was halted.

As a writer he’s mostly focused on sports, in particular baseball, a field in which he’s considered somewhat of an authority. He’s been a guest numerous times on ESPN radio, has commented on the steroid controversy for network television and publishes most of his work at www.athomeplate.com. He’s a member of SABR (the Society for American Baseball Research) and his work has been published in their newsletters.

Non professional:

A true foodie, Jonathan, has traveled the globe both to enjoy the cuisine at gourmet and local food levels, as well as adding to his repertoire of cooking skills and exploring the tastes of the world. Although he’s never gone back to the idea of being a chef professionally he has acted as guest chef at Stonewall’s Restaurant in St. Kitts as well as consulting with chefs in many of New York’s restaurants. He’s a fairly experienced wine and spirits taster and enjoyer to boot.

Dr. Leshanski is also an avid fisherman (fresh and saltwater, including fly fishing) and scuba diver (especially shipwreck diving) and an experienced boatsman. He enjoys the challenge of working with his hands and construction technique and recently rebuilt a classic wooden Chris-Craft cruiser (power boat) from the 60’s as well as restoring a more recent vintage Chris-Craft Lancer (power boat) which he’s sold for this trip.

Other hobbies include travel, especially adventure travel, hiking, photography, reading (just about every genre), music, computers, game playing (Scrabble, war-games, cards, chess), collecting nautical books, shipwreck and baseball research, he also buys and sells on ebay.

Emily Kadin Leshanski

Emily - 36, is the CFO of a large not for profit corporation based in New York City. She’s a Columbia Business School MBA and has traveled extensively in several other countries. She has done professional lecturing and has media experience as contributing editor of Birnbaums travel guide, Seville Edition.

Since college she’s worked almost exclusively either in nonprofit or humanitarian jobs and has experience in many aspects of the nonprofit industry including financial management, fundraising, and program development, and has helped guide many groups down the path to financial stability so that they might continue their good works. She’s also never been afraid to get dirty and go hands on in an emergency - working with the American Red Cross down at ground zero after 9/11, teaching English in Spain, and even assisting her husband with his veterinary practice.

In her heart Emily is a true explorer, receiving many of her tastes for different cultures and languages while growing up in New York City. Although it would never be known from hearing her speak, Emily is a born and bred product of Brooklyn and considers herself to be an ambassador of both New York City and the USA while abroad.

The role models in her life have inspired her travels, which have taken her to over 45 nations as well as much of the USA and have touched on every continent save Antarctica. She likes to believe that her travels have broadened her horizons. Some of her favorite places to explore have been Cambodia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, Thailand, Colorado, New Mexico, Mexico and Zimbabwe.

Emily lived in Spain after college where she taught English and worked for NBC at the Barcelona Olympics. There she learned Spanish and even a bit of Catalan. 

Emily was in Hong Kong on September 11th. When she returned to NYC (the first day international flights resumed), she went straight to Ground Zero to volunteer with the Red Cross. During this time, she provided support and distributed supplies and food to firefighters, police and rescue workers onsite.

Emily is truly grateful to have such wonderful family and friends, full of independent, fearless explorers, searching for truth, making the most of life and contributing to the world. This trip is dedicated to them.

The Couple

In August 2004 Emily and Jonathan were married at the Brooklyn Brewery.  Their sister and brother were ordained in order to perform the ceremony.  For the first time in both Emily and Jonathan’s lives they knew that they had met their true life partner.  To their amazement, because it just doesn’t seem possible, each and every day just gets better and better.
This trip just reinforces for them both, that they are a perfect match.

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